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This page gives answers to the questions that people often ask us:

Frequently asked questions about Venice

How big is Venice?

It’s tiny! You can walk from one end to the other in under 40 minutes. In fact you could fit the whole of Venice into Hyde Park.

What do I do when I get to the airport?

You will receive detailed instructions when you book, however you can get to Venice either by

  • getting the transfer bus or road taxi to Piazzale Roma then getting a waterbus (vaporetto), or
  • getting a public boat across the lagoon, or
  • taking a pre-booked private water taxi – expensive but very cool.

You can read more on our arrival information page. See our information pages for further details of transport in Venice. Arriving in Venice is always the most difficult part, but remember, everyone’s in the same boat!

How long does it take from the airport?

About half an hour by private water taxi, or about one-and-a-half hours by public transport. For further details, please see the pages on getting around Venice in our information section.

Will anyone meet me at the apartment?

Unless you have been sent keys, you will be met by a local key holder.

What is important is that you remember that you are being met by a real person, so you will have to firstly let us, or them, know your expected arrival time in Venice and then on the day keep them informed of your progress if you are late – there is nothing more depressing than hanging around for hours in an apartment waiting for someone to turn up, so do remember that it’s important to keep in touch and don’t forget your mobile!

You usually make your own way to the apartment (we give you an information pack with maps and instructions so it should be a doddle).

What will there be in the apartment?

That depends on which apartment you take – some owners take hygiene to extremes and try to leave cupboards spotlessly clean, and some are more providential. Generally, though, you will find sugar, salt, pepper etcetera. All kitchens have a fridge and a cooking hob unless otherwise stated, so we only list additional items such as ovens, microwaves and other accoutrements. Italian bathrooms have either shower only (we usually specify shower room) or where we say bathroom you can assume it would also have a shower attachment unless otherwise stated.

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Can I buy a three day vaporetto pass at the airport?

You can buy a three day (72 hour) pass at most vaporetto stops in the city itself – not at the airport. It’s very good value if you plan to use the vaporetto a lot. Think about it, as many people walk everywhere in Venice you may not use it, however it does cover the Lido and the islands too.

For information about vaporetto routes, see our information pages.

Where can I get a map of vaporetto routes?

You can get one free at any ACTV ticket office. Maps of the most popular routes are shown here

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Where are the shops?

Venice is teeming with little local shops so you’re never usually more than five metres away from food and drink. However there aren’t too many supermarkets – there’s an enormous one on the Zattere waterfront in Dorsoduro but mostly it’s the odd little mini market here and there. Don’t be shy about going into small shops – you won’t be the first ga-ga tourist trying to buy a kilo of grapes and you won’t be the last, so have fun!

Do you have a list of good restaurants?

Yes, just ask when you book, or look in our information section.

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Does taking an apartment suit everyone?

No, some people prefer to be organised by others. Those, however, with a more adventurous streak will revel in the freedom and independence of a private apartment that allows them to organise themselves. These days many people feel that – consequently there is now huge competition to get the small group of apartments in our portfolio, so you need to book as soon as possible.

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Where can I park my car?

You can leave it at a car park close to Mestre on the mainland and then take the train over into Venice, or you could park at Tronchetto or Piazzale Roma in Venice itself – you can even call ahead and book a place in a private garage – ask us for details.

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Is Venice very “touristy”?

In some parts of the year the area around San Marco throngs with tourists, but you only have to take a few turns away from the main square and you are in quiet areas – a good example of this is Campo Santa Maria Formosa where we have some lovely apartments which is only about five minutes from San Marco yet the tourists don’t seem to find it.

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Frequently asked questions about booking

How do I book?

First you need to send us an online enquiry form so that we can check availability for you – it is very important to give two or three choices in order of preference.

Our booking guide gives you detailed, step-by-step help.

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What happens then?

Once we have confirmed to you that there is availability we will ask you if wish to hold the option for 48 hours. Once your apartment is confirmed and you be asked which currency you wish to pay in (GBP Sterling or EURO only) and you will be sent a link to the your booking page. You can then fill out a booking page and send payment to us (it’s very easy!). We will then confirm your booking in writing (normally via email or by post if you request this option) to you and provide you with additional information about your chosen property.

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How quickly can I expect a response from you?

We try our utmost to answer all email requests as soon as we receive them, but it helps if you can be as precise and specific about your requirements as possible. The site is well organised so it’s not too difficult to make a short list of what you want. Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 9.30 – 5.00 English time!

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What is the Security Deposit?

This is a refundable set amount that will be advised before booking (known as the security deposit) that we hold against breakages etc and unless there is reason to deduct from it (although this is very rare indeed), then we refund this, the same currency and method it was paid to us, about two weeks after your return from holiday.

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Frequently asked questions about this website

Why isn’t everything automatic?

Because unlike many sites where your booking is taken by a machine, I still get a real thrill from finding the right property for the right client, and will always advise you if I think something is wrong for you. Tastes vary and people want many different things from their holiday, which is why I have tried my utmost to offer a good choice of places. I also put a great deal of effort into making the website as honest and clear as possible, with good quality pictures and detailed floor plans.

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