About Venice Prestige

About Venice Prestige

I must be one of the luckiest people in the world.  I have specialised in top quality property in Venice for many years, and I think I have seen almost everything there is. Being English and also travelling a lot myself I really understand what international clients are looking for... speaking Italian fluently helps, but more than that I think I have developed a sixth sense of what today’s client is looking for – an authentic Venice experience yes, but top level and with no surprises…

In these busy times it’s more important than ever that we use our time carefully – who can risk an ‘average’ holiday when our downtime is so precious and well deserved? Our long experience in high quality rentals, as well as our dedication to offering only the most high standard and comfortable apartments (which we have done now for over 30 years) together with our lovely bi-lingual English and Italian speaking staff, reachable 24/7, makes Venice Prestige from Venetian Apartments the first choice for anyone wanting a wonderful and successful holiday experience in this most beautiful of cities. A dedicated staff who really understand your needs and will go to great lengths to make sure that everything goes perfectly. Each apartment has their own ‘person’ – not just a random pool of staff — so any problems (should any arise) can be reported instantly and dealt with….

Personal recommendation is really our thing and we maintain an excellent feedback page to assist clients in their choices. Discover what our clients say about Venice Prestige

When you only have a short time, it’s essential that everything should go well from the start, so we select only those properties that can deliver this level of service.  We also invest in top quality photography to show the properties as they really are….

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In an ever changing world, Venice remains a wonderful magical place of dreams – dainty and tiny – you can be part of it, if only for a short time. We can make that possible for you.

About Venice Prestige

Ann-Marie Doyle