Restaurants in Venice


ESTRO – Dorsoduro 3778 – Tel : 041 476 4914. Estro means ‘inspiration’ and indeed this hip locale offers a variety of inspiring dishes, including delicious gourmet tramezzini.

OSTERIA ENOTECA AI ARTISTI (limited outdoor seating) - Fondamenta Toletta, 1169 - Tel.: 041 523 8944. This popular and restaurant is incredibly popular/hard to get into. Reserve well in advance!

OSTERIA DA BABA – Dorsoduro 3755 calle San Pantalon 30I23 Tel.: 041 8471812. Well thought out wines and delicious dishes.

Santa Croce

OSTERIA ZANZE XVI – Santa Croce 231 Tel.: 041 715 394 The new creative restaurant of Venice. Closed on Mondays and Saturday lunch.

ANTICA BESSETA (outdoor seating) - Sestiere Santa Croce, 1395 - Salizada de Cà Zusto. This restaurant is always good! Menu suggestion: delight in their shrimp and pistachio risotto!

REGINA SCONTA – S. Croce 2259/A - Tel.: 041 5243858. A new discovery, this restaurant focusses on locally sourced meat. It is worth every bite! Menu suggestion: try their beef tartare!

OSTERIA LA ZUCCA - Santa Croce 1762, 30135 - seasonal recipes predominantly vegetarian, in an intimate setting.

San Polo

ALLA MADONNA San Polo 594 Tel +39 041 5210167 In the San Polo area close to the Rialto fish market. A highly traditional 'big and bustly' restaurant - one of those places which don’t change in time or quality - the food stays exactly at that same high level and is a must. Closed on Wednesdays.

TRATTORIA ANTICHE CARAMPANE (limited outdoor seating) - San Polo 1911 Tel +39 041 5240165. One of the best fish trattorias in town with an elegant clientele. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

I COMPARI – Rialto San Polo 255, 30125 – Tel.: +39 329 218 354. Venetian cicchetti and light dishes. Speciality: octopus, with a sprinkle of extra virgin olive oil and parsley. Divine

AMAN CANAL GRANDE - Calle Tiepolo, San Polo 1364 Tel +39 041 2707333 - A majestic palace, which hosted among other things George and Amal Clooney’s wedding. The garden in the summer is a dream, and the food wonderful.


AI NEVODI (outdoor seating) - Via Garibaldi, Castello 1788. Great location on the Via Garibaldi – This is real Venice! Good break in between Biennale Arsenale and Giardini. Menu suggestion: try their home-made gnocchi with mussels, absolutely to die for!

AL COVO Castello 3968 Tel +39 041 5223812 Lovely place, good food, great break in between Biennale Giardini and Arsenale. Closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

COVINO - Calle del Pestrin, Castello - Tel: 041 241 2705. This super-cozy restaurant is operated by the young talent Andrea Lorenzon (!) lovely food is paired with exceptional wines from the region.

OSTERIA SANTA MARINA (outdoor seating) Castello, Campo Santa Marina 5911 Tel.: 041 5285239. Creative Venetian cuisine in a fabulous setting. This restaurant is really a top choice in Venice.

LE TESTIERE - Calle del Mondo Novo, Castello 5801 Tel +39 041 5227220 Make a reservation - it’s tiny. Quality of food is great and it’s nice and cozy!


DA BEPI GIA 54 (limited outdoor seating) - Cannaregio 4550, SS Apostoli, - Tel.: 041 528 5031. The best appetizers in Venice! Their fish is sublime, sourced daily at the Rialto market. Menu suggestion: baby polyps; fresh anchovies marinated in ginger; the baby shrimp on polenta; sea bass

San Marco

GUNA (outdoor seating) - San Marco 2801 | Campo Santo Stefano, 30124 Venezia, Italia +39 041 527 4879. This is a lively restaurant ideal before or after the opera at Musica a Palazzo or La Fenice.

HARRY’S BAR - San Marco 1323 Tel +39 041 5285777 Not to be missed, you must go - at least for a Bellini! A two minute walk from Piazza San Marco.

DA IVO - San Marco 1809 Tel +39 041 5205889. George Clooney’s and Elton John’s favourite. A chic trattoria in the San Marco area. Closed on Sundays.

AI MERCANTI - San Marco 4346/A - Calle dei Fuseri. Relaxed atmosphere, a creative and seasonal cuisine and, affordable!

RISTORANTE DO FORNI - Calle Specchieri, 468 – San Marco. Tel.: 041 5232148. One of Venice’s most iconic restaurants.

Michelin Starred

MET RESTAURANT – Hotel Metropole, Riva Dei Schiavoni Castello 4149 Tel.: +39 041 520 5044. A refined cuisine and an elegant location inside the Hotel Metropole of Venice a few steps from Piazza San Marco. In the kitchen at the Met we find chef Luca Veritti.

GRANCAFFE’ QUADRI - Piazza San Marco 121 Tel +39 041 522 2105 Lunch or dinner over-looking the most AMAZING PIAZZA in the world!

GLAM - Glam by Enrico Bartolini, Calle Tron 1961 - 041 5235676. Helmed by the multi-starred Enrico Bartolini.

DA FIORE - San Polo 2202 Tel +39 041 721308 This is one of the best restaurants in town -

ORO RESTAURANT – Isola della Giudecca, Venezia - Giudecca 10, 041 5207744. Inside the luxurious Belmond Hotel Cipriani a restaurant that offers a refined contemporary cuisine.

IL RIDOTTO - Castello 4509, Tel 041 520 8280.

VENISSA - F.ta S. Caterina 3, Mazzorbo Tel 041 5272281. Located in an ancient walled vineyard where the Dorona wine is produced.

Terraces and Panoramic

HARRY’S DOLCI (outdoor seating) - Giudecca 773 Tel +39 041 5224844 It is the Harry’s Bar “dependance” on the Giudecca island. The view is AMAZING - you sit on a terrace overlooking the Canale della Giudecca - perfect for a warm summer night and a mid summer lunch.

L’OMBRA DEL LEONE (limited outdoor seating) - Palazzo Giustinian, San Marco 1364 Tel +39 041 2413519 LUNCH! Situated at Palazzo Giustinian’s ground floor. The headquarters of the Fondazione Biennale. It’s easy, good, fast and non expensive! The best non expensive terrace in the San Marco area, or maybe in entire Venice

RISTORANTE TERRAZZA DANIELI –Riva degli Schiavoni, 4196, 30122 Venezia VE - Tel: 041 522 6480 - This elegant restaurant is on the top floor of the iconic Danieli Hotel, overlooking the city, offering typical Venetian menus.

LINEA D’OMBRA - Dorsoduro, 19, 30123 Venezia - Tel: 041 241 1881. Fish specialties served in a chic location with modern furnishings, exposed beams and a lagoon terrace.

PIZZERIA DA GIANNI ALLE ZATTERE - Fondamenta Zattere Ai Gesuati, 30123 Venezia - Tel: 041 523 7210. One of the best pizzas in town with tables on a terrace overlooking the Giudecca canal.

RISTORANTE RIVIERA - Fondamenta Zattere Al Ponte Lungo, 1473, 30123 Venice - Tel: 041 522 7621Traditional Venetian dishes with a modern twist in an informal restaurant with a canal terrace.

CIP'S CLUB – Giudecca 10, Venice Tel: 041 520 7744 - The casual restaurant of the sumptuous Hotel Cipriani with Venetian cuisine and city views from the terrace.



DA PRIMO Via Galuppi 285 – Tel.: 041 735550. This family restaurant is one of Venice’s best! We recommend their delicious mixed antipasti, followed by home-made pasta or risotto. Their home made Buranelli cookies and sabayon are to die for!!


DA LELE (BUSA ALLA TORRE) Campo Santo Stefano 3, Murano Tel +39 041 739662 If you go for a day trip to see the glass factories in Murano, this is were you have to have lunch. Don’t forget to go and see the Bellini in the church in front of Campo Santo Stefano.


LOCANDA CIPRIANI Piazza Santa Fosca 29Tel +39 041 730150 On the Torcello Island- a fantastic day trip and a great lunch in the garden, a minute walk away from the amazing Basilica. Closed on Tuesdays.

Please also check the website - all restaurants are good!!

Cafés and Bars

Go local and have a coffee outside in the morning and an aperitivo before going for lunch and dinner!

CAFFÉ FLORIAN (Piazza San Marco) was opened on December 29th, 1720 by Floriano Francesconi under the name “Alla Venezia Trionfante” or “Triumphant Venice”, but it soon became known by the name of its patron as “Florian’s” the most famous “bottega del caffe” (coffee shop). Open all day, the best seats are inside in the velvet rooms by the windows, or at the back by the wooden bar.

CAFFÉ QUADRI (Piazza San Marco) Originally opened in 1638 as Il Rimedio, Gran Caffé Quadri has been a Venetian hotspot for centuries thanks to its timeless allure and evocative location. Towards the end of the 1700s, Giorgio Quadri purchased il Rimedio, changing its name. In 1830, the management passed to the Vaerini brothers, who renovated the interior and added the elegant restaurant on the second floor, the only restaurant located in St. Mark’s Square. With the arrival of the family Alajmo the café has regained its former glory and returned to being one of the grand Venetian coffee houses. It offers a Michelin star stylish elegant restaurant on the first floor, and a café and a friendly bistro on the ground floor.

ROSA SALVA – Mercerie, near San Salvador (only standing) and Calle Fiubera with tables and seats. Patisserie, the best tramezzini in Venice and a selection of biscotti, candies and sauces to take home with you.

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